In an interview with Time magazine for its Person Of The Year issue, President-elect Donald Trump said something... true?

Well sometimes you have to prime the pump, Trump told the Time editors. So sometimes in order to get the jobs going and the country going, because look, were at 1% growth.

I was talking to the head of a major country, because most of them have called me and Ive talked to all of them, he went on. [They said,] Yes, we are doing not well, not well. Our GDP is only 4.5%. I said wow, if our GDP was 4.5% wed be the happy I mean our GDP is probably less than 1% if you think about it. And going in the wrong direction.

OK,well, that last part is wrong. The United States real GDP grew 3.2 percent in the third quarter of this year, which was better than the 1.4 percent growth the country experienced in the second quarter. But whatever. The point is that with his talk of priming the pump, Trump appears to be embracing the version of Keynesian economic theory that has dominated American policymaking since World War II.

The idea is pretty simple: When the economy gets into a rut, the government can get it out by spending money. Hiring workers to fix bridges and paint schoolhouses puts money in their pockets, which they can, in turn, go out and spend on other goods. Retailers can thus afford to employ workers to sell those goods, who in turn can spend their pay on other things, and off we go. The economy grows.

Republicans have made a show of rejecting this idea since President Barack Obama took office in 2009. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and others have insisted that government spending is economic poison, and that a responsible government can somehow cut its way to growth. This is what much of Europe has been trying to do since the financial crisis, with lousy economic (and political) results.

Trump has talked like a Keynesian before. During the campaign, he vowed to implement a $550 billion infrastructure project, and basically said he would borrow money to pay for it. Thats what Obama did with his 2009 stimulus package, but Republicans voted against it, denounced it and insisted the country was headed for a debt crisis that never actually materialized.

Conservatives condemn big budget deficits and government spending when Democrats are in power, but they tend to govern as militarist Keynesians, slashing taxes and spending big on defense. Reagan proved that deficits dont matter, Vice President Dick Cheney once said, while pursuing exactly those policies, which Ryan voted for.

Maybe conservatives actually believe their rhetoric this time and well have a government of Republicans divided against themselves that cant pass legislation.Or maybe not. Things are crazy right now.

Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate New York Times endorses Clinton Hispanic Dems 'disappointed' with party's Latino outreach MORE on Friday mocked Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonTrump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate State IT official warned Clinton 'inner circle' about concerns with email setup New York Times endorses Clinton MORE over her short-lived plans to visit Charlotte, saying the dumb incident was evidence of her bad judgment.


Crooked Hillary's bad judgement forced her to announce that she would go to Charlotte on Saturday to grandstand. Dem pols said no way, dumb! Trump wrote in a tweet.Crooked Hillary's bad judgement forced her to announce that she would go to Charlotte on Saturday to grandstand. Dem pols said no way, dumb!

Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 24, 2016

NBC News on Friday reported that Clinton planned to visit the city, which has been racked by protests this week in the wake of a fatal police shooting.

Later that day, in an interview with CNN, Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts asked both presidential nominees to refrain from visiting the city until the unrest subsided.

"We appreciate the support of the candidates. We appreciate that they are concerned about Charlotte," Roberts said. "At this point, we do have very stretched resources for security and they are working around the clock.

If there would be a way to delay those visits in terms of giving us a chance to get our city back to order and back to more of a state of normalcy, that would probably be ideal."

Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri later announced that the campaign would be pushing the trip back a week.

After further discussion with community leaders, we have decided to postpone Sundays trip as to not impact the Citys resources, Palmieri said in a statement.

She will plan to visit Charlotte next Sunday, provided circumstances allow. In the meantime her prayers are with the people of Charlotte during these difficult days.

My column today looks at a new report from Moodys Analytics forecasting what would happento the U.S. economy under Donald Trumps majorfiscal, trade and immigration policies. The result lookspretty catastrophic.

I asked Mark Zandi, one of the reports authors, how oureconomy under Trumps policies would compareto oureconomy aftertwo other badinternational economic shocks: Britain leavingthe European Union (Brexit, which Britons are voting on this week), and a hard landing in China.

Zandi sent me his economic projectionsfor these scenarios, plus a comparison ofwhat the economyis expected to looklike under a continuation of current law(andwithout these shocks).

Heres the result for inflation-adjusted U.S. gross domestic product over the next decade:

Sources: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Moodys Analytics

In an email, Zandi describedthe assumptions he has made about what exactly these various shocks mean forthis forecast:

The China Crash scenario assumes that the Chinese economy slides into recession beginning in the third quarter of this year, prompting massive capital outflows, and a competitive devaluation of the yuan that sets off a global currency war. The Brexit scenario assumes that the EU and euro zone remain intact despite the political pressures created by the Brexit.

Trumps face value policies meanthat Trumps ideasare implemented just as he currently describes them, rather than being scaled back after negotiations with Congress.

As you can see, the Brexit scenario would likelydragon the U.S. economy a little bit, but not enough to send us into a full panic. The China Crash scenario looks very traumatic in the near-term and then becomes a little less bad later on.

Trumps policies initially give the economy a tiny jolt,driven by the short-term stimulative effect of largedeficit-driven tax cuts. But soon they start to weaken the economy significantly as the country buckles under the weight of exploding debt, trade wars and further economic isolation.

A decade out, then, the economy looks far worse under Trumps policies than it does after the China Crash. Total output is also projected to be nearly 7 percent smaller in 2026under Trumps policies than under a continuation ofcurrent ones.
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks at a car dealership during a campaign event in Syracuse, New York April 15, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri - RTX2A62ZCarlo AllegriReutersRepublican presidential candidate Ted Cruz speaks at a car dealership during a campaign event in Syracuse, N.Y., on April 15, 2016.Trying to avoid charges of election-rigging that followed Colorado victory

Donald Trump is set to suffer another delegate defeat in Wyoming Saturday, but Ted Cruz supporters are going out of their way to avoid rubbing it in.

With a dominant presence among the state Republican conventions 505 delegates, Cruzs campaign is bending over backward to avoid the appearance of rigging the system in the state. The effort comes a week after a contentious state convention in Colorado, where Trump failed to win a single delegate, leading the candidate to rail against the state party and his chief rival. The Cruz campaign is hoping to avoid a repeat this weekend.

On Friday, at the Cruz-supporter-dominated nominations committee, rather than forwarding a slate of 14 delegates to the full convention as has been done in previous cycles, the committee reported at least 64 names, including a mix of Trump, Kasich, and unpledged delegates. Nor was there a contentious bylaws committee fight designed to bolster the Cruz campaigns slate.

Dick Shanor, a Cruz supporter and delegate to the national convention from Laramie County, told TIME that Cruz backers did everything to avoid protestations that the process is rigged. We could have taken over and done what we wanted, he said. But we let it go. These are all our friends, even if theyre Trump people.

We went out of our way to give them every opportunity, he added.

A Trump representative on the ground acknowledged that the party had been more than helpful, and credited the Cruz campaign for not trying to block Trump delegate hopefuls. But the campaign was realistic about their long odds in a state where has Cruz exploited the multi-level delegate selection process to lay the groundwork for another win.

The more people that get a vote, the better we do, said Trump senior advisor Alan Cobb. In Wyoming the inverse is likely to be true, as the states decades-old process doesnt have a presidential preference vote. Instead Republicans participate in precinct caucuses, county conventions, and the state convention to select delegates.

Cruz is the only candidate set to attend the convention in person. Of the 1,590 votes cast in the March 12 county conventions, 1128 were for Cruz, giving him control of the vast majority of delegates to the state convention. On Thursday, the Trump campaign announced that its designated surrogate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, would skip the convention. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is sending Idaho Gov. Butch Otter on his behalf.

State GOP chairman Matt Micheli told TIME he was upset Palin couldnt represent the Trump campaign at the convention. The party hoped to avoid the appearance of being biased toward any specific candidate. All were trying to do is give everybody a level playing fieldmake sure all the campaigns are represented and have a fair chance, he said.

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Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Adam Collette knelt on the asphalt and heard the muffled cries of a baby who had been buried alive.

He pried up two large pieces of asphalt, dug out loose dirt and plucked the newborn girl from the hole along a bike path, cradling her in his arms.

"I think the baby had a sigh of relief, and so did I," Collette said Monday. "We kind of felt each other like, 'Hey, everything's going to be OK."

The girl, estimated to be 24 to 36 hours old when she was found Friday, was healthy and in stable condition at a hospital.

"I think the baby definitely had a touch of God that day," Collette said at a news conference.

Authorities urged the unknown mother to come forward in case she needs medical attention and also put out a call for people who might want to provide a foster home for the baby.

Two sisters walking on the bike path near a riverbed in suburban Compton heard the child's cries Friday afternoon, Sheriff Jim McDonnell said.

"My sister said, 'Can you hear a baby crying?' And I said no, I don't know," Angelica Blount told KCBS-TV. "That might be a cat. And she said, 'No, that is a baby.'"

Blount and her sister Evangelina McCrary called 911.

Collette and Deputy David Perry arrived and tried to track down the muffled cries, finally tracing it to a 2-foot-wide, semicircular hole, McDonnell said.

The hole, in the pavement at the base of a fence, was filled with loose dirt, vegetation and pieces of asphalt. Collette and his partner knelt and began removing the asphalt chunks.

Collette said even as he dug, he couldn't believe that there might be a baby underneath until he actually saw her.

"She was wrapped in what appears to be a hospital blanket, and her face was covered with the loose dirt," the sheriff said.

Collette, a father of two young girls, said he could tell by the child's cries that she was hungry but not hurt. She was cold to the touch but he couldn't see any signs of injury.

He calls her rescue a miracle.

"The sun was going down, and I think the baby had maybe 45 minutes to an hour left for someone to find it," Collette said.

Doctors believe the child might not have survived overnight, the sheriff said.

Collette and others said they couldn't judge the mother or the conditions that drove her to abandon the child, though Los Angeles County has a program that allows mothers to anonymously leave newborns at fire stations, sheriff's stations and hospitals without the threat of criminal charges.

"It's hard to believe that someone doesn't have a friend or a family member or someone to confide in," county Supervisor Don Knabe said. "They get pregnant in secret, they hide the secret, then they want to throw away the secret."

Sixteen babies have been surrendered in the county this year, and a total of 140 since 2001, Knabe said.

"We've had 140 courageous mothers that have done the right thing," Knabe said. "No name, no shame, no blame."

NEW YORK (AP) For a short time Monday afternoon, the Christmas manger at a New York City church might've been able to pass for the real thing: A newborn baby, with the umbilical cord still attached, was abandoned there. Now, New York City police are searching for whoever left the child.

It was around 11:30 a.m. Monday when a custodian at the Holy Child of Jesus Church in the Richmond Hill section of Queens left the empty chapel to get lunch. When he returned shortly after 1 p.m., he heard a baby crying, but saw no one else around.

That's when, New York City police said, the custodian turned to a nativity scene in the front of the church and saw a newborn baby wrapped in towels laying in the manger. Church pastor Christopher Heanue wrote on the church's Facebook page that the baby was a boy and weighed a little more than 5 pounds.

Emergency crews brought the newborn to a local hospital, where he was in good health, police said.

New York has a so-called safe haven law that says a newborn can be dropped off anonymously at a church, hospital, police or fire station without fear of prosecution. But the law, known as the Abandoned Infant Protection Act, requires that the child be left with someone or for authorities to be called immediately. Police said that didn't happen in this case, which has led investigators to begin searching for the person who dropped the child at the church.

Officers were canvassing the neighborhood around the church on Tuesday, looking for surveillance cameras that may might recorded something police can use. Authorities said they were also questioning witnesses to try to track down the baby's mother.

"Let us pray for this child," Heanue wrote, "for his parents and for whomever will receive him into their home."


Associated Press writer Jake Pearson contributed to this report.

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An extra point in football is usually uneventful, a mere afterthought.

But in Texas, kicker Luis Aranda of Midland's Robert E. Lee High School turned his attempt into a viral video.

His kick cleared the defensive line, but was far to low. The ball smacked a referee in the head, knocking off his cap. The ball ricocheted upward, hitting the crossbar and bouncing over for a successful attempt.

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